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Welcome to my modest little music section. Here there is music from different shows that I happen to have gotten ahold of. I don't mind if you display these on your own webpage, but being that some of these are a little hard to get ahold of, I ask only that you give me credit of some kind. Feel free to listen to anything and I hope that you enjoy my modest little collection.


  Digimon - Hey Digimon
  Digimon - Opening Theme
  Digimon - TK's Theme
  Evangelion - Beginning Theme
  Gundam Wing - Closing Theme
  Ghost in the Shell - Theme
  Kiki's Delivery Service - Theme
  Macross Plus - Myung's Song/Voices
  My Neighbor Totoro - Theme
  Princess Mononoke - Theme
  Sailor Moon - Opening Theme
  Serial Experements Lain - Duvet/Opening Theme
  Tenchi Muyo - Closing Theme


  Blue Seed - Carnival Babel/Opening Theme (japanese) NEW!
  Blue Seed - Matsuri (japanese) NEW!
  Blue Seed - Touch and Go/Closing Theme (japanese) NEW!
  Card Captors - Catch You Catch Me (japanese) NEW!
  Cowboy Bebop - Ave Maria NEW!
  Cowboy Bebop - Bad Dog No Biscuit NEW!
  Cowboy Bebop - Call Me NEW!
  Cowboy Bebop - Pushing at the Sky NEW!
  Vision of Escaflowne - Yakusoku Wa Iranai(japanese) NEW!
  Serial Experements Lain - Duvet/Opening Theme
Serial Experements Lain - Duvet Cyberia Remix NEW!
  Serial Experements Lain - Closing Theme (japanese) NEW!
  Vision of Escaflowne - Yakusoku Wa Iranai(japanese) NEW!


  Serial Experements Lain - Duvet/Opening Theme(first half)