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Last Updated: 12/7/01 - Next Scheduled Update: Weekend of January 27-29, 2002
1/2/01 New Calendar Finally Up!
Yeah, Finally got the new Calendar of the Month up! Although, it's a bit late this time *sctratches head nervously* sorry about that. I couldn't find the program that I usually use to make the calendars, so this time I had to make it all from scratch. This months calendar is from Tenchi... again. Yes, I normally don't use the same show two months in a row, but since I'm so busy fixing the site because tripod has screwed everything up I can't go through all of the tables and change what show it says the calendar is from. And I figured that it would look really stupid to click on the Words "Tenchi Muyo" and have a calendar from like, Cowboy Bebop show up. Anyway, I guess that it fits since Toonami started showing Tenchi again this week *claps hands in pleasure*. Anyway, this months calendar is just a general winter one, Ryo-Oh-Ki next to a snowman and Ayeka wrapped up in numerous layers of Jurai-style garments. The calendar is about two inches smaller than usual, but maybe it'll print out bigger for those of you who have printers that resize things printed out from the net. Also, I forgot to merge everything before I saved, so the picture has turned out with a lot of blurriness around the words and such. But that won't show up when you print it out.


12/25/01 Banner Contest
Before I disappear for the next month, I thought that I'd pass on a banner contest to all of you eager graphics artists out there. The "My Anime Fun Page" is having a banner contest. After the webmisstress gets enough submissions she will pick her favorite and it will become the site's official banner. Currently all submissions are being accepted. To check it out and get details go to Well, I suppose that counts as my good deed for the month. I thank all of you for coming, and I thank you even more for checking out the contest. Gomen, gomen.


12/25/01 New Pics
Hey you guys. Sorry to say but Tripod is giving me trouble. I'm running out of space and I'm think that they're going to shrink my free space soon. Anyway, I'm working on a way to get around it, but it's going to take time. Because of this I'm going to start updating on a scheduled basis for the time being. To see when TAO will next be updated look above. I am going to give you something to look foreward to though. Next time I update there's going to be a section where I talk about the most recent award winners. I'm also going to have a few more movie reviews and Blue Seed Bios, as well as more pics and gifs. I'm doing this to avoid all of the confusion that I would cause if I chose to update regularly while I'm fixing this problem. However, I swear up and down that the site is not going to be abandoned, I'd give it to someone else first. And quite frankly, I don't trust anyone that much. I am still accepting button and award requests whenever you send them in, this is not going to alter that. So please keep on sending them to me.


12/23/01 New Pics
Updated the Outlaw Star, Sailor moon, and Tenchi galleries.


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