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12/1/01 ^_^
How do ya'll like the little panda??? I found him online and thought "He's so cute, I want to take him home with me!" So, I did. It's probably about time that I replaced the star anyway, I've been using it ever since I put the site up this summer.
In other news, I have, once again, updated the table. Now it has the address to the new and improved guestbook, so say bye bye to the old one. I was surprised at the response last week, a few of you were courteous enough to go in and leave your signature (one person signed twice!). Gomen, gomen. Keep 'em coming -k-?


12/7/01 New Theme, New Sites
As you can all see, I have changed the theme yet again! Those of you who visit often know what a huge fan I am of Lain, and since I just updated her gallery I gave in to the impulse to incorporate her into my theme. Do ya'll like the background? I made it myself.
Anyway, I have two friends that I'd just like to take a sidenote to congratulate. They have both just started their first websites, and even though they are not about anime, I'd still like to help them get some traffic going and maybe even some signatures in their guestbooks. The first is Benji's Punk Princess, her site is at The second one is Jaker, his site is at Anyway, both of these sites are new, so they don't have very many pages. However, I am proud to say that they also don't have any dead links and are both completely original! So, I have done my good deed for the day and will leave you now.


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