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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Opening Theme
Ending Theme

Opening Theme

Hey, how are you, Mr. Romeo?
People say that you're old fashioned
Clone dolls give their love in smart ways
Your DNA is the best
And all that I've been looking for
Now we need to run a simulation, so that
A high level second generation will be born
Shooting through it is a million times better
Than the virtual way
Logic can't make us understand, you know
The things that our hearts want to have
Nobody can tell what those are, you know
Demonstration is not necessary
The important thing is to have
A blind love like you and Juliet had

Ending Theme

When the dust of time begins to change
It shines all over the city
Today thousands of lonely Topaz are calling
If there is nobody close to me
My heart will disappear, so
I wander amid the noise of the city
And look for my love
I'll be waiting for you
I need your love everyday
I can tell when I close my eyes
In my heart and on my bare skin
You are there covering everything