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The 02 Digidestined 25 years in the Future

Tai and agumon became diplomats for both worlds and Tai finally cut his hair. He has 1 son who is a mirror image of him.

Matt and Gabumon became astronauts. They've gone all the way to Mars, even though they were only supposed to land on the moon. Matt married Sora. They have 1 son and 1 daughter. The oldest looks just like Matt in 1'st season and the youngest looks alot like Sora.

Sora and Biyomon became fashion designers. They have their own line of clothing. Sora married Matt and had 2 kids. The eldest is a son and a mirror image of Matt and the youngest is a doughter that looks like sora.

Izzy became a digital world researcher, along with Sora's dad and Joe's brother. He and his daughter have their own language.

Mimi has a cooking show on TV. On-Air is the only time that she takes off her hat. She has one son.

Joe achieved his dream and became the Digital worlds first doctor. He has one son who also looks alot like him.

TK became a novelist and is writing a series on their adventures in the digital world. He has one son who is also a mirror image of TK when he was young.

Kari is actually a Kindergarden teacher. She has one son who looks alot like Kari in the 1'st season. Except she's taller.

Davis also achieved his dream. (No, he didn't marry Kari.) He owns a noodle cart and it did so well that he owns his own worldwide company. He has one son who is also a mirror image of him when he was young.

Yolie married Ken and became a housewife. They have 3 kids. One daughter and 2 sons. The daughter looks just like Yolie, but has Kens coloring, and the older son looks just like Ken but has Yolie's coloring. Their youngest is still just a baby.

Ken became a plain clothes man. (a detective who wears regular civilian clothes.) He's married Yolie and has 3 kids.

Cody and Armadillomon own their own law firm. Cody has one daughter.