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Miyako "Yolie" Inoue

Hey! Maybe a cute carpenter will come by.

Yolei is pretty good with computers. Like Izzy. In fact, I've heard that she's currently president of the computer club. But I'm thinking that she could be good with mechanics too. Yolei also reminds me of Mimi. She goes to the same school as Cody, Davis, Kari, and TK. And she lives in the same apartment complex as TK and Cody. Plus, she and Cody seem to be close friends.

Common Stuff

N/A Voice Actress: Tifanie Christon
Name Meaning: Miyako-capitol, Inoue-above the well
Yolei's Digieggs: Love and Sincerity

Egg Symbols: Teardrop(sincerity)&Heart(love)
Elements: Plant(sincerity)&Wind(love)
Grade: 8'th
Yolei's Digimon: Hawkmon/Poromon