The Anime Obsession - Mimi
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Mimi Tackikawa

Mimi moved to New York in the US. She has become alot more mature in the past years. She also unintentionally has gotten to be so sweet that anybody would do anything for her. And she's aquired the charm that she thought she had in the first season. Somewhere in the middle of this season Mimi's hair changed. At first it was wavy and dyed pink with little stars in it. Now it is a blondish-brown in big ringlets.

Common Info

N/A Voice Actress: Philece Sampler
Name Meaning: Mimi-beauty or truth, Tackikawa-big sword river
Mimi's Digivice: Green
Mimi's Crest: Sincerity

Crest Symbol: Teardrop
Crest Element: Plant
Mimi's Digimon: Palmon