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Hickari "Kari" Kamiya

Get back! I play alot of soccer... so I know how to kick!

Kari seems to have become very close friends with TK. She knows Davis too cause he's on her brothers soccer team and they've been in the same class before. The three all are in the same class. I wonder how many people would have guessed that the sweet little baby in last season would have changed so much. She's learned how to be a little manipulative too. There's also been some mention in the show of Kari having special powers. I guess that we all saw it a little in the last season. But so far what you see of them this season is different.

Common Stuff

N/A Voice Actress: Lara Jill Miller
Name Meaning: Hikari-light, Yagami(from what I've read she and Tai have this last name in the japanese version of the TV series. Why they changed it in the North American version.., I don't know.)-eight gods
Kari's Digivice: Pink
Kari's Crest/Digiegg: Light

Egg Symbol: Flower
Element: Ground
Grade: 7'th
Kari's Digimon: Gatomon