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Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya

The person that designed the schools lunch menu, now that's an evil person.

I guess that Davis is the new leader. Cause, #1. He got the digiegg of courage, and #2. Tai gave him his goggles after he broke his. Plus, Tai said so. Anyway, Davis is on the same soccer team as Tai. He's in the same class as Kari and TK. He kinda thinks of kari as his girl. So he gets aggressive around TK. And I think that Yolei and Cody go the same school as him too. The funny thing is that after Ken stopped being the digimon emperor Davis was the first one to ask him to join them. And he stands up for Ken too. It's kinda funny that it worked out that way because sometimes Davis seems to have absolutely no clue at all. I guess that during his adventures in the digiworld Davis seems to have been growing up alot. But he still pulls some stupid stunts every now and then.

Common Stuff

Name Meanings: Daisiku-big help, Motomiya-true shrine
Davis's Digieggs: Courage and Friendship

Egg Symbols: Sun(courage)&Ying-Yang(friendship)
Elements: Fire(courage)&Water(friendship)
Grade: 7'th
Davis's Digimon: DemiVeemon/Veemon