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Tuxedo Mask

(A.K.A.: The Moonlight Night)

North American Name: Darian
Japanese Name: Chiba Mamoru
Planet: Earth
First Appeared: Episode 1
Birthday: August 3'rd
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: reading
Favorite Colors: black
Favorite Food: chocolate
Least Favorite Food: none
Favorite Subject: Physics
Least Favorite Subject: None
Strong Points: ?
Attacks: Rose, Cane

Description: Darian is in college. He really does love Serena. But used to kinda keep a distance from her because he's afraid that if he gets too close to her he'll end up hurting her. Especially since she's so young. But he eventually gives the relationship a chance. And, as far as I know, things end up fine. He also has a bond with Rini that he doesn't quite understand. Darian is also kinda confused because he got into a car crash when he was very young that killed his parents and lost all of his memories. And things didn't get much better when the Negaverse erased all of the rest of his memories and convinced him that he was evil. But his feelings for Serena eventually came through and helped him to become good again. And, no matter what, his heart is good and in the right place.

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