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Sailor Saturn

The Sailor Scout of Death and Rebirth

North American Name: Hotaru
Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Planet: Saturn
First Appeared: Episode 110
Birthday: January 6'th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: reading, collecting lamps
Favorite Colors: purple
Favorite Gem: Flourite
Favorite Food: Nohon Soba
Least Favorite Food: milk
Favorite Subject: World History
Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Dream: To be a doctor
Strong Points: Treating Injuries
Items That She Carries: Transformation Pen?
Attacks: Saturn Planet Power, Death Reborn Revolution

Description: Hotaru used to be very lonely and shy. The local kids all shunned her and thought that she was weird because of her natural healing talents. And, to make matters worse she lived with her evil scientist father and stepmother. Who were both obsessed with finding the three pure heart crystals and taking over the world. Part of the reason that Hotaru is doing so good now is because she and Rini became best friends. She also used to have a split personality problem. Between Hotaru and the evil Mistress Nine. Once the evil dad and stepmom got a pure heart crystal for her, Mistress Nine almost completely took over. But she finally got rid of the Mistress Nine part forever and undo all of the evil that she'd caused once she was able to turn into Sailor Saturn for the first time. From there she somehow changed back into a baby. So the Outer Sailor Scouts took her in and she's been with them ever since. But, since Sailor Pluto is rarely away from the gates of time it's really just Michelle and Amara that take care of her. I've heard that she even calls Michelle mom and Amara dad!

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