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Sailor Mini-Moon

The Sailor Scout of the Future

North American Name: Rini (Serena)
Japanese Name: Chibi-Usagi
Planet: Moon
First Appears: Episode 60
Birthday: June 30'th
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: ?
Favorite Colors: red and pink
Favorite Food: pudding
Least Favorite Food: carrots
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite Subject: English
Strong Points: sucking-up, crying, getting people to give her things
Items She Has: Mini-Moon Compact, Crystal Carillion, Luna Ball
Attacks: Luna Ball Kitty Magic, Moon Prism Power, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Twinkle Yell

Description: Rini is actually Serena and Darians future daughter. Making an instant bond with Darian before any of them (including Rini) knew. Originally she came to the past because she needed the Sailor Scouts to come with her to the future and help her save her mom. Making a not-so-grand entrance by falling on Serena. But, after they accomplished this Rini's mother sent her back to the past to learn how to be a good sailor scout. Another time the Negaverse convinced her that nobody cared for her and she became the evil Dark Lady. But she turned good again when she saw that Darian and Serena were both willing to sacrifice themselves for her. She calls the little mechanical cat that she plays with and follows her everywhere Luna P. Because Sailor Pluto communicates to her and gives her advice through it. It also turns into a helpful fighting tool.

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