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Sailor Mercury

The Sailor Scout of Wisdom

North American Name: Ami Anderson
Japanese Name: Muzino Ami
Planet: Mercury
First Appears: Episode 8
Birthday: September 8'th
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: reading
Favorite Colors: light blue
Favorite Sport: swimming
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite food: sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: yellow-tail tuna
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite Subject: None
Strong Points: calculating
Afraid of: love letters
Dream: To be a doctor
Items She Has: Transformation Pen, Mini Super Computer, VR Visor, Star Transformation Stick
Power Comes From: Water
Attacks: Mercury Power, Mercury Bubble Blast, Mercury Star Power, Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze, Shine Aqua Illusion, Mercury Ice Storm Blast, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Description: Sailor Mercury is the brains of the sailor scouts. And, even though she has both, she's the perfect description of brains over brawn. And her powers come from water. Which is probably why so loves to swim so much. And she's good at it. She studys much more than she needs to, so she's never nervouse during a quiz. Ami also likes this physic guy that goes to her school and knows her secret, called Greg. She also has a habit of putting her hand near her mouth when she's thinking about something. And she was once told that she had an IQ near 300.

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