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Sailor Mars

The Sailor Scout of Fire

North American Name: Raye
Japanese Name: Huno Rei
Planet: Mars
First Appears: Episode 10
Birthday: April 17
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Fortunetelling
Favorite Colors: Red and Black
Favorite Food: vegetarian pizza
Least Favorite Food: asparagus
Favorite Subject: Ancient Writing
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Society
Strong Points: meditation, dedication to causes
Items She Carries: Transformation Pen
Power Comes From: Fire
Attacks: Mars Power, Mars Fire Ignite, Anti-Evil Sign, Mars Star Power, Mars Firebird Strike, Mars Firestorm Flash, Mars Celestial Fire Surround, Mars Flame Shooter

Description: Raye is the one usually arguing with Serena. Some of it comes from when Raye used to date Darian. Even though it was just a few dates Raye and Serena still fight about it. She's a preistess at her grandfathers temple. And she's good at it too. She can get into these deep meditations and trances where she is so focused that literally nothing can break her out of it. She has can sense the presence of evil and has these visions that are premonitions of the future sometimes. Like, when they were trying to find the purity chalice she had these dreams about the whole world being plunged into a dark silence while everyone was turned into stone. She found out later on that if their enemys got ahold of the purity chalice the whole world would get covered by a great silence.

Her Love Life: There's this guy called Chad that works at the temple. He's like some sort of former rock star with the longest, shaggiest, untidiest hair you have ever seen on a guy. Raye likes him even though she doesn't normally express it. And she also has him wrapped around her little finger. Chad literally worships the ground that Raye walks on. For example, whenever a guy visitor at the temple starts getting too personal and making Raye uncomfortable she'll just yell out "Security" and Chad will be there in a second to kick the guy out. Really, He just works at the temple to be near Raye. Whenever he thinks that Grandpa is about to kick him out (even though Grandpa has never really thought about it.) Chad starts groveling on his knees literally. He'll do anything, even shave his hair, to stay at the temple and be near Raye.

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