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Sailor Jupiter

The Sailor Scout of Courage

North American Name: Lita Kino
Japanese Name: Kino Matoko
Planet: Jupiter
First Appears: Episode 25
Birthday: December 5'th
Astrological Sign: Saggittarius
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: bargain-hunting, cooking
Favorite colors: green
Favorite Gem: Emerald
Favorite Animal: horse
Favorite Flower: Lilly of the Valley
Favorite Food: cherry pie
Least Favorite Food: none
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Physics
Strong Points: cooking, fighting ability, strength
Dream: To own a restaraunt
Afraid of: airplanes (hey, who can blame her?)
Items She Carries: Transformation Pen
Power Comes From: Lightning&Thunder
Attacks: Jupiter Power, Jupiter Thunder Crash, Jupiter Star Power, Jupiter Thunder Dragon, Jupiter Thundercrash Zap, Jupiter Oak Evolution

Description: Lita is the only one of the inner scouts that lives on her own. It's because her parents died in a plane crash when she was little. She has this rich uncle that sends her money every month. And she also has a waitress job. Jupiter is the tallest of the inner scouts. She's so tall that she has to wear her school uniform from her previous school. Because Crossroads (the school that she's in now) doesn't have uniforms tall enough for her. Lita is also really good at karate. She got kicked out of her previous school for fighting. Probably because she always won.

Litas Love Life: I've never actually seen this, but last I heard Lita was going out with guy that she'd been friends with since she was little. But honestly, Lita has had alot of boyfriends. Every guy she sees reminds her of her old boyfriend. Even though you never really know which one it is.

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