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Sakura Yamazaki

Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Blonde

Sakura Yamazaki is a CIA oporative sent to Japan to check out the Aragami situation. Her family was responsible for banishing the water monster, Nodzuchi. When the water monster awoke, her mother failed to do this however and was thought to have died, even thought her body was never found. After her mothers supposed death Sakura was taken to America by a government agent. Sakura has arrived in Tokyo calling herself an "Aragami Buster" and uses her powers as an accomplished Faith Healer to kill Aragami. In fact, her abilities as a Faith Healer are so strong that she sometimes slips up and makes mistakes, such as accidentally blowing a construction site. Although, normally Kusanagi and the TAC end up interrupting her Aragami jobs, which is great cause of annoyance to her, manytimes Sakura has accepted TAC jobs... for the right amount of pay that is. Loud, outgoing, unmodest, and wild Sakura seeks to become rich and famous by becoming a teen idol.

2'nd Season Pics