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Daitetsu Kunikida

Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: dark brown
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Mr. Kunikida is the boss of the TAC and the adopted father of Kaede. But when Kaede disappears, he becomes the legal guardian of Momiji, Kaede's twin. And with two teenage girls to look after, you would think that he had enough women in his life, but towards the end of the series, he gets a girlfriend. His girlfriend is Ryoko Takeuchi, The Leutenant of the TAC. Once described as not the type of man to react solely on his emotions, but also not the type to ignore them either, Mr. Kunikida is a bit corny when it comes to jokes("aragami bears"), But when he isn't telling them, he's a reliable man.

2'nd Season Pics

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