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Kome/Koume Sawaguchi

Age: 15
Blood Type: B
Born In: Lower Tokyo
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Orange
Motto: If you have bullets, keep shooting
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Before she was demoted to the TAC Kome was in the Ground Self Defense Force where she earned the nickname 'The Hurricane.' Then, at the beginning of the series her boss transferred her to the TAC without telling her. But don't worry, she got him back for it when they accidentally met up and she clobbered him in the face. If you watch just one episode, you'll know that Kome is obsessed with weapons. Personally, I think that her favorite is her bazooka. But she works with any weapon just fine. Not only is Kome obsessed with weapons, she is also very superstitous. For example, the day before they were supposed to preform the Rite of Matsuri, Kome was checking the stars and "Scorpio and Pluto are aligned, the symbol of death..." Besides weapons and superstition, Kome's other hobby is picking on Yaegashi, the TAC's computers expert. Despite how different they are, the two always seem to pair up. It's an odd wonder that they end up together at the very end of the series. I suppose that they're one of those cases where opposites attract. Despite her rough exterior, Kome does have a soft side that is shown when she befriends an abandoned puppy one day while she's out searching for aragami with Yaegashi.

2'nd Season Pics

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