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About Me

Age: 14
Look-Alike Character: Millernia from Escaflowne
Personality Character: Kome from Blue Seed
Classes that I take this semester: B&W Photography, Intro to Agriculture, Honors English I, and Physical Science
Favorite Animated Characters: The Ranting Swede(Sheep in the Big City), Kome(Blue Seed), Nene(BGC 2040), Eustace (Courge the Cowardly Dog), Guilmon (Digimon Tamers), Terriermon (Digimon Tamers)
Favorite Music: Alternative
Favorite Radio Station: The Point
Favorite Movies: Princess Mononoke, Macross Plus, Romeo&Juliet, You Got Mail, Cruel Intentions, City of Angels, Darkside Blues, Pay it Forward
Favorite Songs: Duvet(the beginning theme of Serial Experements Lain), Voices/Myung's Song(from Macross Plus)... and maybe the beginning theme from BGC 2040
Favorite TV Shows: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Blue Seed, DragonBall Z, Outlaw Star, Card Captors, Roswell, Buffy, Dark Angel, Serial Experements Lain(I just wish that I'd been able to see it in English!)
Pets: One Plocostomas(did I spell that right?), one catfish, and five goldfish
Hobbies: reading, exercising, watching and recording anime on TV, working on my anime website, looking up and reasearching anime on the internet, you get the idea
Likes: blonde jokes, e-mail, reading(sometimes), writing stories, summer vacations(they should be year round), chocolate, listening to music(sometimes), making buttons, useless statistics, the internet, and Anime, Anime, Anime!!!
Dislikes: studying, cooking, folding laundry, school(it should be banned), pineapple, loud noises(unless it's something I'm watching on TV), homework(this should also be banned), pizza, textbooks
Wants: For my website to have it's own Dot Com without all of those annoying banners, to see all of the Serial Experements Lain eps. in English or w/ English Subtitles(it's a long story), to see the last two Blue Seed Episodes, the Titian A.E. Soundtrack, and the Dido CD.